Here are the websites and blogs of some my favorite artists working with music, sound and technology. I believe the artists are among the most creative and exciting people working in these areas today. Take a look and get to know a little about them and their work.

Websites only

Nicolas Collins I first found out about Nicolas Collins when he was performing his “Trombone-Propelled Electronics” – a trombone that was modified to act as a very non-traditional controller of a reverb unit that was modified to act as a live sampler. He has since created installations and performances using all kinds of hacked electronics. He is the author of the book Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking
– the best book on Hardware Hacking and also an excellent introduction to electronic circuits and music.

Laetitia Sonami Is best known for her development of “The Lady’s Glove”. A glove that is wired up and connected to a computer. With the glove, Laetitia creates music by generating and manipulating sounds. Her performances are among the most powerful live electronic concerts I have seen.

Diego Stocco has a website that features videos of many of his instrumental creations. Not only do the instruments create incredible sounds, but the videos are fantastic. Some of these instruments include, “The Burning Piano”, “The Drying Rack”, and “Typosonic Machine”. Two very innovative music compositions he’s recorded are Music For A Stapler and Music From Sand. Diego is a producer for Spectrasonics where he has worked on several synths including Atmosphere, Stylus RMX and Omnisphere. In addition he creates sound and music for film, games, trailers and audio branding.


Barry Threw is an electronic musician who also develops systems and tools for creating immersive and interactive media experiences. He works with “Recombinant Media Labs” an environment that surrounds the audience with projections, light and sound. Barry is also one of the developers of the “K-Bow”, a string instrument bow that wirelessly transmits performance information to control all kinds of sound – or virtually any other computer controlled app.

Zoe Keating is a cellist who performs with rock groups and plays solo with electronics. In her solo performances, she plays the cello while sampling it live to create loops which she plays with. It is an incredibly beautiful and engaging experience. You can hear some of her music on her MySpace page.

Peter Gregson is a cellist who performs contemporary music. He is “reinvigorating the classical genre by embracing contemporary culture and technologies”. Peter has worked with MIT’s Media Lab in the development of the “HyperBow” and is also working with the soundWIRE project at Stanford’s CCRMA. Peter is co-founder and creative director of Coffeeloop a production company that creates new musical experiences.

Not A Personal Website, But Close Enough

Audio Cookbook is a group blog for audio enthusiasts. It was founded by John Keston. It covers audio production from an avant-garde/experimental perspective. One of the most exciting topics is John Keston’s development of the Gestural Music Sequencer. You can see a short documentary on this interface here.

Joseph Fosco