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Keeping Sound Live

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Sometimes I think the amount of automation in theatre sound has gone a little too far. Too far in that the sound looses it’s live quality. Too far in that the sound is just a little too polished. Don’t get me wrong, I would NEVER go back to CDs or cassette tapes, or samplers, or [...]

The Decline Of Media Influence In Theatre

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Jay Rosen has written a very interesting article describing why the authority of mass media is eroding.  Media attention looses much of its value if, as Rosen states, the authority of the press has been eroded.  His premise, that the internet has removed the ability of the media to define “legitimate debate”, clearly points to [...]

Industry And Student Discounts for “Fatboy” at A Red Orchid Theatre

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I recently completed designing the sound for “FATBOY” by John Clancy at A Red Orchid Theatre in Chicago. If I do say so myself, it is an excellent, hilarious production of a great script. We have scheduled a pay-what-you-can “Industry Night” for Monday February 4. Please bring your headshot and/or industry resume to receive this [...]

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