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Keeping Sound Live

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Sometimes I think the amount of automation in theatre sound has gone a little too far. Too far in that the sound looses it’s live quality. Too far in that the sound is just a little too polished. Don’t get me wrong, I would NEVER go back to CDs or cassette tapes, or samplers, or [...]

Websites Of Artists Who Work With Sound, Music And Technology

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Here are the websites and blogs of some my favorite artists working with music, sound and technology. I believe the artists are among the most creative and exciting people working in these areas today. Take a look and get to know a little about them and their work. Websites only Nicolas Collins I first found [...]

My Favorite Free Music And Sound Software

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Here are a few of my favorite free software programs for sound and music. What I like about these particular applications is that they are not your typical sound and music apps.  Using these apps has you think in new and different ways. Sooper Looper – Is a live looping sampler.  Its features and operation [...]

A GREAT Sound Based Game

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AUDITORIUM is a new flash based game that uses music in a very unique and engaging way. Completely addicting. Give it a try!

The Next iPod?

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The iPod was/is a disruptive technology that has been instrumental in reshaping the music industry. Since then, however, virtually every new player has tried to be more than the iPod or better than the iPod, or even just less expensive than the iPod – virtually no new development in this arena. However, I just became [...]

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