Developed computer controlled multimedia presentations and performances including sound, projections, video, and lighting.

Internet Audio and music for systems for Northwestern University, McDougal , and The Cradle (2001 – 2004).

Member Artistic Ensemble A Red Orchid Theatre (July 2001 – present).

Performed and Co-Hosted
Coffee with David Hauptschein and Joseph Fosco at Angel Island Theatre, Chicago, Illinois (October, 1997 – December 1997).

Performed, organized and researched for
Stories From the Web
at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art and National Public Radio’s
This American Life (May – June, 1997).

Recorded Performance of
The BBQ Letter is included on the First Anniversary CD for National Public Radio’s This American Life (1996).

Designed and built sound installations for display in Chicago, Illinois and Miami, Florida

Music compositions have been performed at festivals and concerts around the U. S.

Designed and built hardware and software systems for interactive sound production and processing used by Chicago area artists and myself.

Ported MIDI interface routines in Lisp and C for the software package Common Music from UNIX to Microsoft Windows.

Associate, Atlantic Center for the Arts, January, 1993.

Member of the Radio Committee (1991 – 1992) for the Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, Illinois. The committee produced and distributed the series
Sounds From Chicago.